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Property Fraud Is An Easy Target for Scammers

According to the FBI, mortgage fraud is 'the fastest growing white collar crime'. It doesn't require a complicated scheme, scammers simply go to the county recording office and file a lein or falsified document against your property, and there's no standardized notification process.

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Protect Yourself Against These Types of Property Fraud

Transfer of Ownership Using Forged Deeds

With the antiquated systems in place across the United States for recording trust deeds, forged deeds causing a complete transfer of ownership have become a daily occurrence at most county recorders offices.

Mortgage Loans Using Forged Deeds

Forgers can take out loans on your property, requiring costly legal bills to resolve and delay home refinances or purchase sales - but only if the homeowner does not find out about the fraudulent filing in a timely manner.

False Mechanic's Liens

When an unscrupulous contractor manipulates the lien laws and files a fraudulent lien, they tie up your title and the homeowner can end up unfairly paying more than the contracted amount for home improvements.

Fraudulent Quitclaim Deeds

Scammers can easily steal a home from unsuspecting seniors by forging a homeowner's signature, having the document falsely notarized and documents recorded. Sign up your elderly relatives to avoid a complete loss in property ownership.

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