Home Title and Property Fraud is One of the Fastest Growing Crimes in the U.S.

Finally… Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset, Your Home and Property, Is Easy With Home Title Lock

Title Companies Know The Importance of Protecting Against Real Estate Fraud

When I was an FBI Agent, I saw home title fraud transforming from an occasional crime to one of the fastest growing crimes in America. It’s crazy to expose your most valuable asset to thieves when just pennies a day provides you 24/7 - 365 days protection.

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Here’s How Home Title Lock Protects Your Home and Property

Home Title Lock’s proprietary technology forms a virtual perimeter around your home and property title. We continually monitor for any fraudulent, mistaken or otherwise illegitimate filings or recordings that could adversely affect your home value or your property ownership.

Here’s what happens the instant our technology detects suspicious activity related to your protected home and property by Home Title Lock. We ALERT you immediately with key information such as names involved with the transaction, the amount of loan, date of such loan, document name.

If you’ve authorized the detected activity to your home or property title - excellent, all is well. However, if the detected activity is not authorized by you - we mobilize all our resources to help you shut it down - FAST!

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Protect Your Property With The Title Lock Fraud Alert System

"Hundreds Arrested in Mortgage Fraud Sweep"

- FBI Website Consumer Alert

"Florida Man Pleads Guilty in Mortgage Fraud Scheme"

- FBI Website Consumer Alert

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