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Protect Your Property from Fraudulent, Mistaken, or Otherwise Illegitimate Filings.

Over 55 million documents are recorded per year in the USA, con artists can easily file a document against your property. By simply recording a document there can be major consequences to your home value, even your property ownership.

We are Home Title Lock.

Thirty years ago we started creating the largest database of property records in the United States.

Today, that database has 6.8 billion property records. We protect your property value and ownership from on-line threats both foreign and domestic.

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Resolution Division Led by a
Former Title Insurance Executive

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Title and mortgage information are online

Thieves transfer you off your home's title and take out massive loans using your home's equity. You won't know until you get late payment notices.

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Homeowner insurance doesn't protect you

Common identity theft programs, banks, and homeowner insurance policies DON'T protect you. For pennies a day, Home Title Lock posts a virtual perimeter around your home's online title and mortgage.

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Home Title Lock monitors and alerts you

The instant we detect anyone tampering with your title or mortgage, we're on it alerting you and mobilizing to help shut it down.

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U.S. based title restoration experts

In the unlikely event your title or mortgage is compromised, our U.S. based Restoration Experts will work closely with you to resolve the matter, guiding you you every step of the way*.

*Must be an active Home Title Lock member at the time of the crime.

*Must be an active Home Title Lock member at the time of the crime.

You Need Home Title Lock to Protect Your Property

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