About Title Lock Corporation

Protecting Property Owners

Title Lock Corporation is a California Corporation with headquarters in San Diego, California. Our team has been working with title companies for over 30 years in the area of title document management. Our founders helped pioneer the process title companies use to know when title documents are created and updated around the nation.

Our entire team is dedicated to helping property owners protect the security of their property by monitoring changes made to property deeds at county recorder offices around the nation. Through a partnership with the largest nationwide title company in America, we are able to alert our members when any changes to their title documents occur.

The Title Lock Property Fraud Alert System

The Title Lock fraud alert system notifies property owners whenever their property deed documents are changed. Alerts are sent immediately to our members when any documents are filed at the county recorder against their property address. Damages from fraudulent or malicious title filings can be resolved much more easily when the property owner is alerted in a timely manner.

This site uses ultra-secure internet protocols for all information submitted, and a top national bank to handle processing of credit card data. Title Lock uses a nationally recognized company to host our secure web application and store customer data. And with our redundant secure servers, even if our website is down for any reason, our homeowner fraud protection alert system will not be effected.