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Today's System Isn't Protecting You From Title Theft

"People think there's somebody that's checking your signature. Nobody is checking any of these things. Nobody is looking out for you but you."

— Matthew Cox (Convicted Home Title Thief)
  • County clerk won’t call you if someone changes title on your home
  • Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover home title theft
  • Credit card or traditional identity protection doesn’t cover home title theft
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Who is at Risk of Title Fraud?


Your Title Information is PUBLIC RECORD

All a thief needs to steal your home is your street address and the name on your title, both of which are public record. A thief can simply go online or visit your County Recorder’s office, pay a few dollars, and legally obtain a copy of your deed.

It’s Easier Than Stealing a Car (& More Profitable)

Thieves can borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars against your property without leaving the comfort of their home. They simply utilize many county recorder’s online document retrieval and recording systems, and digitally record a forged deed transfer. Then, they takes out loans against your home, and disappear.


Seniors Are Often Longtime Homeowners

Thieves seek the money a home’s equity can provide via loans. Homes owned as little as five years have built considerable equity. The elderly may have owned their homes for decades, making their equity laden homes prime targets for thieves.

Seniors Often Own Their Home Free & Clear

As seniors tend to be longtime homeowners, many own their titles free & clear. Thieves seek homes owned free & clear due to their substantial equity. The more equity in a home, the more loans a thief can take out. Homes higher in equity are more desirable because a thief can take out tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans.

High Equity

High Equity Means More Money

The more equity in a home, the more loans a thief can take out. Homes higher in equity are more desirable because a thief can take out tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans.

Free & Clear Title

Homeowners Are Less Likely to Notice

Homeowners without a mortgage are less likely to notice small warning signs of deed theft. For instance, they may receive a past due notice in the mail and simply recycle it, not realizing that it’s from a legitimate bank who has financial interest in the property due to the fraudulent loans. Then, after ignoring the past due notice, that owner will potentially face foreclosure or even eviction.

Multiple Properties

Vacation Properties & Second Homes Make Great Targets

Vacation Properties and second homes often sit vacant for long periods of time. Thieves can sell the property or take out loans, knowing the rightful owners will not find out for weeks, months, or even a year.

Renters Have Immediate Access to the Property

Rental properties are at an increased risk as renters have direct access to the information needed to sell the home. These properties are often left unsupervised for extended periods of time, leaving a thief ample time to take out loans and disappear.

Aging Parents

Care Takers Have Full Access to Information

An in-home or outpatient elderly care professional has easy access to the information needed to steal a home. They can simply file a forged deed transfer, adding them to the title and, when the elderly parent or family member passes, the title passes in full to them. And it’s difficult to prove otherwise.

Ideal Prey for Untrustworthy Family Members

Like a healthcare professional, an untrustworthy family member may also have access to all the information needed to steal a home. They simple file a forged deed transfer, adding themselves to the title of the property, wait for the elderly family member to pass away, and take full ownership of the home.

Industry Professionals

Real Estate Agents

Home Title Lock can offer your clients peace of mind. While homeowners buy title insurance when they purchase a home, it only protects them until they close escrow. Going forward, they are vulnerable to title fraud. Help protect your clients with Home Title Lock.

Private lenders

Lending money is already a risky business. Let Home Title Lock help minimize your risk by letting you know exactly who is on the title of your investment, when any changes are made on your investment, and if any changes are made without your consent or knowledge).

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