What Is Home Title Fraud?

Every homeowner is at risk of home title fraud. All it takes is your name and address.

Title fraud is a scam that involves criminals stealing the title or deed of your home, then borrowing against it or selling it behind your back. Without TripleLock™ Protection from Home Title Lock, you may not know about it until it's too late.


"People think there's somebody that's checking your signature. Nobody is checking any of these things. Nobody is looking out for you but you."

Matthew Cox smiling
Matthew Cox
Convicted Home Title Thief

Title Fraud Stories In The News

The FBI calls it House Stealing and warns all homeowners to stay vigilant and monitor their home titles.




KTLA-TV: Know the dangers of home title fraud, or house stealing, and Californians learn how they can protect themselves with Home Title Lock.

WBAL-TV Baltimore: Title Fraud & How to Protect Yourself

KARE-TV Minneapolis: House stealing can literally leave you homeless.

KTNV-TV Las Vegas: House stealing is a crime that is easier than stealing a car.

KTVK-TV Phoenix: Is your house safe from title fraud?

KTVI-TV St. Louis: How a thief can steal your home title and the equity.

WCPO-TV Cincinnati: Learn just how easy it is for thieves to steal your entire home.

KFMB-TV San Diego: Watch this video and get help protecting your most valuable asset - your home!

KATU-TV Portland: How Someone Can Steal Your Home.

WSVN-TV Miami: The rising epidemic of title fraud, also known as house stealing.

Univision Property Fraud Alert in Spanish.

Video produced for the Cook county (Chicago, IL) Recorder of Deeds.

Property Fraud in Dallas-Ft Worth. Someone has been stealing properties for $10. Local channel news 8.

From CBC Newsworld. Susan Lawrence of Toronto a property fraud victim.

Protect your property from fraud, video by UK Land Registry.

Curtis Hertel, Register of Deeds introduces the new Property Fraud Alert System for Ingham County, Michigan. This is the report that ran on the evening news on local CBS affiliate WLNS.

Local house stealing scams on CBS channel 3 news in Kensington, Philadelphia.

Warwick County, Indiana. Property Fraud news on local channel 14 news.

Property Fraud rising on local channel 10 news. Register of Deeds, Custis Hertel educating residents about the growing problem of property fraud.

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