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TripleLock™ Protection
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Monitoring Isn't Enough
You Need Complete Protection

Home Title Lock is foundational to your home protection and is backed by our signature TripleLock Protection

Even responsible safeguards like homeowners' insurance, identity protection, and home security systems don't matter if you don't protect your title. Home Title Lock wraps a virtual barrier around your home, an essential layer of security to protect your most valuable asset.

Lock One – 24/7 Monitoring

We provide the necessary 24/7 monitoring to detect any tampering with your title or mortgage.

Lock Two – Urgent Alerts

Our proprietary system scans multiple data sources, triggering timely alerts of any changes to your title.

Lock Three – Restoration

If you’re a title fraud victim, our US-based Restoration Team works with lawyers and experts to help restore your title.

Who's At Risk?

Anyone with a home is at risk of home title fraud. 

Total Title Protection

Get started today and put the right safeguards in place to protect your home, title, and equity. 

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TripleLock™ Protection
Find out if your home's title has been compromised.
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TripleLock Monitoring, Alerts and Restoration
TripleLock Protection
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