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Property Fraud is an Easy Target for Scammers

Your home's title and mortgage information are stored and available online. Thieves use this information to transfer you off your home's title. Once they have the paperwork forged, it's just a quick trip to the county recorder's office to file the "updated" paperwork. Also, with the convenience of being online, many offices allow paperwork to be digitally need to leave their keyboard!

Once filed, the majority of County Recorder’s offices assume that the paperwork is genuine and the previous property owner is informed. Unfortunately, there is no consistent system to authenticate the filed paperwork.

Now thieves take out massive loans using your home's equity - leaving you with the payments and a mountain of legal bills.

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"People think there's somebody that's checking your signature. Nobody is checking any of these things. Nobody is looking out for you but you."

— Matthew Cox (Convicted Home Title Thief)

Art Pfizenmayer - Title Theft Expert, Retired FBI Agent

Art Pfizenmayer

"If you own a home where you have this emotional attachment, you need Home Title Lock. I have it and I know that my home is being watched 24/7. And it's pennies a day."

"I've been an FBI agent for more than 25 years; I've pretty much seen it all. The protections you think you have don't exist. You're on your own. And home title fraud is a crime where the people who get involved understand the return they're going to get.

The crooks are looking for people with equity. So they change the name of your ownership to their name. Stealing a house is simply a matter of knowing the paperwork. You download a document, forge it, file it falsely with the county recorder's office. But you're done in minutes. In the cyberworld we live in, with a laptop or smartphone, crooks don't need to leave their house to steal your home.

And when you're a victim of title fraud, and you don't know right away, the bad guys immediately take out loans using your property and its equity as collateral. When you find out, you're going to have to go get an attorney, pay him $400 an hour, or whatever, to chase down the money that's been stolen—but that money is gone.

Conversely, Home Title Lock will file a notice in the recorder's office that your title shouldn't be used as collateral for any kind of a loan going forward. Home Title Lock uses the same technology against these people."

Protect Your Property from Fraudulent, Mistaken, or Otherwise Illegitimate Filings.

Over 55 million documents are recorded per year in the USA, con artists can easily file a document against your property. By simply recording a document there can be major consequences to your home value, even your property ownership.

An everyday house viewed from the street which has a bright green lawn, a few bushes and trees in the front yard.

Grant Deed/Warranty Deed

Definition: Used in some states for the sale or transfer of real property from one person or entity to another person or entity. Must be notarized and signed by both parties.

Scenario: Scammer forges and records new deed becoming the new owner, takes out a large loan on the property, doesn’t make payments on the loan sending your property into foreclosure.

Title Lock: Owner would be notified that the name on the Grant Deed/Warranty Deed had been changed and stop the scammer before the loan is obtained.

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A paper on a desk that is titled Quitclaim Deed with a pen on top of it.

Quitclaim Deed

Definition: Document of conveyance of real property that passes any title, claim, or interest that the grantor has in the premises but does not make any representations as to the validity of such title.

Scenario: Scammer forges a Quitclaim Deed making himself the new property owner and sells or borrows against the property.

Title Lock: Owner would be notified that the Quitclaim Deed had been filed. In many cases Title Lock can help prevent the sale of or borrowing against the property.

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Two men shake hands after what appears to concluding a deal, while a woman watches with a pen in her hand.

Joint Tenancy Deed

Definition: The holding of an estate or property jointly by two or more parties, the share of each passing to the other or others upon death.

Scenario: A caretaker (could be anyone though) changes the deed adding themselves as a Joint Tenancy. After the death, scammer files an Affidavit of Death of Joint Tenant. They are now the sole owner of the home.

Title Lock: Find out if you or your family is already a victim. Title Lock can tell if your family's property has become the target of a Joint Tenancy scam.

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