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Beware of criminals attempting to take your home right out from under you.

Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Daniel Kinney says that in the “Home Title Fraud” Scam, the crooks impersonate the homeowner so they can refinance or sell the victim’s property for their own benefit.

They first obtain the homeowner’s personal information through identity theft or by stealing mail.

Then, they create false documents, such as a fake driver’s license using the victim’s name and the scammer’s photo. Those false documents are used to sell the home or take out a loan against the property without the homeowner’s knowledge.


  • Shred documents and don’t give out personal information by phone or email.
  • Beware if you stop receiving your usual utility bills and property tax statements.
  • Check your mail. The county sends copies of documents recorded against a property, such as loans and change of ownership.

For a printable version of this fraud alert, click here.

If you think you have been a victim of identity theft or the Home Title Fraud Scam, contact your local law enforcement agency.

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