Retired Teacher Evicted from Her Home

There was nothing unusual about Linda - a retired schoolteacher. Nor was there anything unusual about Linda's modest stucco Florida home. She lived a comfortable life on her teacher's pension and her days were rich with grandchildren and church friends. She owned her home for over 30 years and it was finally paid off a short time ago. Then one morning Linda was startled awake by Sherriff's deputies pounding on her door. She was served an eviction notice for non-payment of home loans she knew nothing about. Linda was about to become homeless from what the FBI calls one of the fastest growing crimes.

Linda was the victim of Home Title Fraud. Scammers found her home's title ONLINE and forged it to appear that she sold her home. Then they took out loans using Linda's home as equity. When no loan payments were made to the lenders, they foreclosed on her property for loans she never took out.

She had hoped her homeowners insurance or the lenders would cover this crime, but neither did. She found out too late that for pennies a day, Home Title Lock would have protected her home from this devastating crime.

Domestic and international thieves scour online records for homes with equity. It could be the home you live in, your vacation home, a home of an elderly relative, or a rental property you own.

Thirty years ago we started creating the largest database of property records in the United States. Today, that database has 6.8 billion property records. We protect your property value and ownership from online threats both foreign and domestic.

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Today's System Isn't Protecting You From Title Theft

"People think there's somebody that's checking your signature. Nobody is checking any of these things. Nobody is looking out for you but you."

— Matthew Cox (Convicted Home Title Thief)
  • County clerk won’t call you if someone changes title on your home
  • Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover home title theft
  • Credit card or traditional identity protection doesn’t cover home title theft
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How Easily Title Fraud Occurs

EVERYTHING is stored online in the cloud - including your home's title information


Domestic and international thieves scour online records for homes with equity. It could be the home you live in, your vacation home, a home of an elderly relative, or rental property you own.


Once they change your home's ownership from YOU to THEM, they re-file the Quitclaim Deed for your home with the proper authorities so it appears your home has been legally sold.


They take out personal loans through banks and online lenders using all your home's equity. You likely won't know you're a victim until you start receiving late payments or foreclosure notices.

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