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America’s Leader In TripleLockTM Title Fraud Protection

America’s original home title protection company

Over thirty years ago our founder created the largest database of digital property records in the United States. Today, only Home Title Lock provides TripleLock Protection to safeguard your family's home, security, and financial future from fraud.

Lock One – 24/7 Monitoring

We provide the necessary 24/7 monitoring to detect any tampering with the title to your home.

Lock Two – Urgent Alerts

Our proprietary system scans multiple data sources, triggering timely alerts of any changes to your title.

Lock Three – Restoration

If you’re a title fraud victim, our US-based Restoration Team works with our lawyers and experts to help restore your title.

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What Is Home Title Fraud?

The threat of title fraud is real—and the impact can be devastating.

Title fraud is a scam that involves criminals stealing a home, then borrowing against it or selling it behind your back. A homeowner’s home and hard-earned equity can be snatched away, with just a signature.

"People think there's somebody that's checking your signature. Nobody is checking any of these things. Nobody is looking out for you but you."

Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox
Convicted Home Title Thief

America's Leader in TripleLock Title Fraud Protection

We created the technology and made Home Title Monitoring possible.

Largest National Databases
Billions of Records
We have proprietary access to the largest databases of property records in the nation.
Continually Expanding
Millions of New Recordings
As title filings occur nationwide, our systems constantly scan to protect our subscribers.
24/7 Monitoring
Always Scanning for Title Changes
We provide continual monitoring of each new property record across the nation.

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