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Protect Your Home Equity and Title for Pennies a Day

Protect Your Home Equity and Title for Pennies a Day

24/7 Home Title Lock Monitoring would have been the only thing that would have stopped Matthew Cox from STEALING OVER 150 HOMES and MILLIONS in HARD EARNED EQUITY!

The latest cyberthreat is stealing your home equity. For only pennies a day you can have complete protection - including FREE access to our team of title monitoring and resolution experts.

Only $19.95/month per month

Only $19.95/month per month

"The ONLY PERSON that can protect you from Home Title Theft is YOU! Not the POLICE, not the COUNTY, not even your BANK!"
- Matthew B. Cox
(Convicted Home Title Thief)

A Warning to Homeowners

FBI reports show that real estate fraud is one of the fastest growing cyber crimes in America.

Everything is stored online these days - including your home's title information. Domestic and international cyber-thieves target U.S. homeowners equity in their homes. Removing you from your home's title takes just minutes. Then they forge their name on the title document and refile it. Next, they take out loans using your home's equity and stick you with the payments. You likely won't know until you get a late payment or foreclosure notice from several banks. Identity theft programs, banks, and homeowner insurance policies DON'T protect you. For pennies a day, Home Title Lock posts a virtual perimeter around your home's online title and mortgage information.


America's Most Trusted Home Title Monitoring Service

Enjoy Total Peace of Mind that Your Home Title is Being Watched 24/7 By Our Team of Title Monitoring Experts

As a Home Title Lock member, you'll never have to worry about home title theft again. Because even in the unlikely event you have to go to court to fight a fraudulent title change, we will help you every step of the way.

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Our U.S. based Title Restoration Experts will take care of virtually everything to help you reclaim ownership of your home, giving you total peace of mind.*.

*Must be an active Home Title Lock member at the time of the crime.
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Protect your home ownership and equity for pennies a day.
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